Travel insurance. Better safe than sorry!

August 8, 2016

Put your mind at rest, knowing that you and your family are financially covered in a medical emergency. Don’t forget to take out travel insurance this summer!

Nobody wants to think of the worst case scenario as they plan their foreign holiday. In TAA’s experience however, holding a travel insurance policy with adequate cover is the best way to protect yourself from health and financial problems which could significantly impact your life if you have an unexpected medical emergency during your trip abroad.

For example, you can expect medical costs of about €100,000 (depending on location, severity of diagnosis etc) if you require a hosptial stay of just one week while travelling in the USA, which would have to be paid privately if you are not insured. That is not counting the cost of repatriation via air ambulance if required. In Europe, the costs are also significant. In a recent TAA Blog posting (see story here), the cost of Katharina’s repatriation from Greece to Austria of about €15,000 would have fallen entirely on her family if they did not have adequate travel insurance. Their public health insurance would have only covered a fraction of the original cost. Thankfully, their travel insurance covered the full amount of her transport home.


We have prepared a helpful list of information you will need when contacting your travel insurance / assistance partner:

  • Patient’s name, home address and date of birth
  • Insurance / Policy number, credit card number (for those with insurance cover via credit card)
  • Are there any other insurance policies available to the patient?
  • Contact telephone number on-site
  • Information & contact number of travel companions
  • Description of medical emergency (what exactly happened?)
  • Where is the patient currently located? (hotel / hospital / doctor)
  • If possible, contact number of the local / on-site treating doctor or hospital
  • Travel information (outward and return trip dates)
  • Modes of return journey available (flight tickets, train tickets, travelling with private car?)
  • Copy of passport and where applicable, copy of foreign visa for holiday destination
  • In case of accident: Police report, accident report, where applicable the car rental agreement


Having your travel insurance in place before you go on holidays ensures that your dream trip doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Even though it may never happen to you, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We at TAA hope you enjoy the rest of the summer holidays!