Protect yourself from Dengue Fever – FAQ

January 19, 2016

Our Medical Team has put together some helpful information to better understand Dengue Fever and minimise the risk of infection.

  • What exactly is Dengue Fever and how is it treated?
    The cause of Dengue Fever is a virus which is transmitted by the Aedes species of mosquito. There is no causal therapy for the treatment of Dengue Fever. A systematic treatment should be followed in relation to reducing fever and pain relief. Under no circumstances can aspirin be taken, as Dengue Fever severely reduces platelets in the blood, thereby greatly increasing the risk of related bleeding. Aspirin would only increase this effect even further. Patients’ blood pressure and heart rate are typically monitored (such a practice is known as haemodynamic monitoring).


  • What advice should be given to family, friends or clients who are planning to travel to a region affected by Dengue Fever?
    It is difficult to prevent yourself from becoming infected, as the transmitting insect is active in the daytime and can be found in the Middle and Far East, throughout Australia and Oceania, in South and Central America and even in the southern states of the USA. The risk of infection can be somewhat reduced by treating clothing with a special form of mosquito protection. There is also a vaccination available against Dengue Fever, although the effectiveness and side effects of this vaccine are a source of ongoing debate in the medical community.