Lifesavers in action: TAA on German TV

September 28, 2017

The German public TV channel ZDF approached TAA this summer to participate in a series called 37°, focusing on “Wettlauf mit der Zeit – Lebensretter im Einsatz” (Race against time – Lifesavers in action). The programme provides a fascinating insight into the daily lives of people working in life-saving professions such as ground ambulance, fire brigade and air ambulance services. TAA was happy to participate in the project.

A film crew accompanied Dr. Ina Schmidt, one of TAA’s experienced Flight Doctors, on multiple air ambulance missions across Europe. During the 30 minute programme, we experience the dynamic nature of air ambulance missions, as well as the unique set of challenges that each mission presents. These aspects are precisely what attracted Ina to become a Flight Doctor, as she herself explains:

“I like extreme situations. If it is really demanding and you have to think a lot and have to reorganize, the challenge of that is very enjoyable. If I would go into the same surgery every day I would get bored, and [with TAA] I go with the team … into entirely new situations”

Ina also finds that being an air ambulance Flight Doctor is a perfect match for her personal approach to patient care:

“I am always there for my patients, I will always fight for my patients just as I fight for my family and my friends. I will always give everything right up to the last

[The patient] is someone who cannot help himself. He’s sick. He needs help. I can’t just give 10%. I have to give 100%. He deserves it. That something that comes out from within me, I just think it’s the right way to be”

Although each flight is different, there is one common aspect to all TAA air ambulance missions, the focus on patient care. Ina explains that the most fulfilling part of her job is when her commitment is appreciated:

“When someone says thanks, it’s a big emotional satisfaction to see that what I do is also recognized by the patient”

To view the episode in full (The language of the programme is German)

Many thanks to Dr. Ina Schmidt, ZDF and the production company Telekult for their cooperation on this project.