Kindergarten Visit to TAA

December 22, 2016

TAA recently welcomed a group of children from Innsbruck’s Seifenblase (“Soap Bubbles”) Kindergarten to the airport. The pre-Christmas excitement was in the air as the children stepped off the bus for their visit, but they also had plenty of questions, having been well briefed in advance by their teachers!


Security Check

To get to TAA’s hanger, first the security check had to be negotiated! As anyone who has flown with children will know, getting even one little person through a security check can be a challenge! But the young boys and girls were very well behaved, going through the “beep machine” one-by-one, leading to the funny sight of a three year old girl setting off a quota alarm, requiring a routine inspection from the professional and friendly security staff at Gate 4!

Everyone was thrilled to get their “special guest” ID to wear proudly over their little high visibility jackets and the group set off in search of airplanes! Once through security, the little visitors made their way towards TAA’s Hangar 3, stopping briefly to watch some commercial planes take off and land. The general feedback was that the airplanes were very loud, and one little man went out of his way to instruct some confused aircraft technicians to please make the airplanes less noisy!


Hanger 3 & A Special Surprise

In Hanger 3, the children were thrilled to meet Andi, TAA’s Head of Maintenance Production, who showed them inside TAA’s Gulfstream 100, with the call sign OE-GKW. When hearing that GKW stood for Golf Kilo Whiskey in our “secret code”, a little boy was quick to point out that “golf is boring!” (He chose not to reveal his opinions on whiskey!).

Next, it was on to the Dornier 328 OE-GBB, which was on the tarmac being readied for departure on a shuttle mission later that afternoon. My attempts to explain jet engines and propeller engines were met with a simple and familiar question, which one is louder?! Each boy and girl enjoyed their chance to sit in the Dornier cockpit and play Captain and First Officer, while the others sat back in the cabin, with one girl asking “really, you can lie down on a plane?”.

As a final treat and a special surprise, we stopped by the Innsbruck Airport Fire Department, who very kindly showed us their impressive fleet of fire fighting vehicles. Meeting a real fireman, putting on his helmet and getting to sit in his truck, well it just doesn’t get any better than that!



Back at the Security Gate, it was time to say goodbye. A quick show of hands revealed that most of the kids want to be a pilot, a doctor, a nurse, an aircraft engineer AND a fire fighter when they grow up! Some Gummi Bears were exchanged for parting “High 5”’s (a fair trade!) and with that, our little guests set off for home.


Thanks again to all the kids and teachers who came to visit. We at TAA wish you all a very Merry Christmas!