Holiday season. Time to travel!

July 28, 2016
There is more to going on holidays than just sea and strand!

Holidaying in the Alps has become more and more popular with young people and families.

According to our Medical Team, the injuries and illnesses that occur in the Alpine region during the summer season are similar in nature to those we see in winter. The only difference is, of course, that the injuries do not take place on the ski slopes, while sledding or on ski tours, but instead during walks, climbing, swimming, mountain biking or motorbiking.


Diagnoses of holidaymakers in the Alps

We compiled a short summary of the types of cases that our Medical Assistance team have been working on this summer:


  • Cruciate ligament and other knee injuries (meniscus), tibia fractures
  • Vertebral fractures, ankle fractures, collar bone fractures, upper/lower arm fractures
  • Pelvic fractures (pubic bone, ischium), femoral fractures, rib fractures, concussions


  • Resulting from appendicitis, heart attack, pancreatitis


  • Herniated disc, lumbosciatica