Helpful Organisation

May 25, 2016

Patient Hermann B. very kindly gave us feedback on his recent repatriation flight in German and we have translated it into English for the Blog. Many thanks to him and we wish him all the best for his continued recovery.

“I suffered a serious accident in mid-March in Platja d’Aro (Spain). As a result, I required surgery in Palamos to insert a partial hip replacement. Almost 2 weeks after the operation, and with the aid of crutches, I was able to move over short distances. Returning home by car was, however, impossible. The transport home in TAA’s air ambulance jet made returning to my normal life so much easier. I am very grateful both to my insurance company and to TAA in Innsbruck for the helpful organisation”.


Hermann B. also very kindly sent us a picture story of his repatriation, including his own comments, which we translated. See an excerpt below: