Georgia on our minds

July 26, 2017

Behind every air ambulance mission is a personal story. At TAA, we know that our patients often go through a very challenging experience before we are contacted to assist them. This was certainly how it was for Jirka Graf, who was recently injured on a mountaineering trip to Georgia. This month on TAA Blog, Jirka tells his story in his own words…


This is my short story from Georgia:

Me and my friend Martin we wanted to climb on mountain Kazbegn in Georgia. With other friends we had a trip together to Betlemi hut near mountain Kazbeg – it is a base camp for the Kazbeg climbing.

On the way from Betlemi hut me and my girlfriend took a rest on a very big stone and we were waiting for Martin and other our friends. In one moment, the stone has started rolling. I couldn’t escape and stone ramped both my legs. My friends and another tourists helped lift up the stone. The stone was very heavy. I think that stone lifted up about twelve people. My left leg was broken but right leg was fine – it was a small miracle.

People around gave me first aid. My friends tried to call rescue. In Kazbeg there was no possible helicopter and the professional rescue. 

In Betlemi hut there was a volunteer rescuer from Poland. In one hour he come and fixed my leg for transport. The only option was horseback riding down from the mountains. I was lucky. Horses were near. It took about four hours on horse with my broken leg and there was waiting ambulance jeep that took me to Kazbegi ambulance. Then I was transported with my girlfriend to Tbilisi hospital. In hospital I had operation.

It is a big difference between Czech and Georgia hospital and care. It was good experience to see it and feel it. We were transported by TAA from Tbilisi hospital to Ceske Budejovice hospital. The Czech doctors said that operation method was like in Czech Republic 20 years ago, but it will be fine. I stayed several days in Ceske Budejovice hospital. Doctors were afraid of the infection. Now I am at home. I hope, that leg will be fine. 

Thank you TAA for perfect service. Thank you my girlfriend because she communicated with TAA. It was a great experience. TAA crew in a plane was fantastic, friendly and professional.

Thank you all TAA Team

(All photos provided by Jirka Graf)

TAA was instructed by the insurer to assist Jirka by organizing his ground ambulance transport and finally by repatriating him via air ambulance. We are delighted to hear that Jirka’s recovery is going well, and we thank him for sharing his story on the Blog. If you have a TAA story you would like to share, please contact us.